​Terms and Conditions Waiver

I hereby release Missouri Marijuana Legalization Movement and/or Jane Merry Co., their directors, officers, employees, funders, volunteers and affiliates from any liability or claim made by me, my family and/or my estate for injuries to my person and/or personal property, and/or that for which I am in charge, past, present and/or future.

I take complete responsibility for my actions while volunteering and/or in the employ of Jane Merry Co. and/or Missouri Marijuana Legalization Movement and take complete responsibility for any liabilities that may occur.

While representing The Companies, I will refrain from consuming any intoxicants.

As a representative of The Companies, I understand that I am not to discuss religious or political views not directly related to the initiative or the specific event.

I verify that I am at least 18 years of age, and that I have read this document and proclaim it to be true, waiving all retribution as dictated by this document.  I realize that providing false information invalidates any petitions that I might circulate.

By clicking the link below I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. I do agree to become a petitioner for the Missouri Marijuana Legalization Movement.  My job will be to graciously solicit for signatures from registered voters in the state of Missouri.  It will be my responsibility to regularly check-in with area team leaders, protect and return completed and legitimately notarized petitions at the following address:

Missouri Marijuana Legalization Movement
P.O. Box 395 Belton, MO 64012