Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need to be a registered voter to collect signatures?

A:  NO!  Anyone can collect signatures!

Q:  Do I have to be from Missouri to collect signatures?  I live in Kansas and know lots of people from Missouri.

A: NO!  You can be from Kansas and collect signatures, but the signatures must be from MISSOURI registered voters!

Q:  Does every signature need to be notarized?
A:  NO!  Only the signature of the Petitioner [the person collecting signatures] has to be notarized, not each individual signature.  Each Petition page is signed by the Petitioner who is verifying he/she has witnessed each signature on the page.

 Q:  I’m a Petitioner!  Now what do I do?  Where do I go?

​A:  Anywhere!  Some good places are in front of the Department of Motor Vehicles [DMV], city markets, courthouses, and any major event in your city.  Check with your city regarding restrictions.  Most sidewalks are public property and therefore can be used to petition, as long as you are not causing a disturbance.  If a business requests that you leave, then leave politely!

Q:  How old do I need to be to collect signatures?

A:  18 years or older.

 Q:  When my signature is notarized, which box do I check [I do/do not expect to get paid…]?

A:  Check the “I do not expect to be paid” box.  This is your chance to volunteer to make a change to the Missouri constitution.  We will take back this non-toxic plant that was unjustly taken from us for the sole reason of money and greed.