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How to collect signatures:

You must follow these rules while collecting signatures!!

ATTENTION!!!! Please be sure the margins on the printed petition do not distort the document. If you run into margin issue be sure to check that your printer is set up to print a legal document and the “fit to page” option is checked!

​Please send us the completed petition’s at least once a week or on a frequent basis to aid us in the processing of them. We want to avoid getting all the petitions all at once at the deadline!

  •     Petitions must be printed double-sided on 8.5″x14″ paper.  One side must include the Initiative, and the other side includes the Signature Page.
  •     ​All signatures on 1 sheet of paper must be from one County.  If you are collecting signatures in St Louis County, but you have someone wanting to sign who is a registered voter in Platte County, you must have a new Petition for Platte County.
  •   ​You cannot sign or notarize your own Petition!  Use the Buddy System!  Grab a friend to become a Petitioner, sign each others petition, and go out together to collect signatures.  It’s always more fun & effective to do this with a friend!​ 
  • Who CAN​ sign your Petition?​

                  *A MISSOURI​ registered voter.

                  *A felon who has finished all court requirements and is a registered MO voter.

           Who CANNOT​ sign your Petition?

​                *Anyone who is not a registered MO voter (or hasn’t received their confirmation)

                   *A felon who is still serving parole or probation.

  •     If someone makes a mistake, draw a single line through it and have them start again on another line.
  •     The Petitioner must witness EVERY signature (required to have notarized) and do not leave the Petition unattended.
  •     ​Signers must write legibly … if State Officials cannot read the print, it doesn’t count!!
  •     Make sure they write small enough to stay within the boxes!
  •     ​Use a blue/black ballpoint pen only (NO gel pens, NO sharpies)
  •     ​Fill in the blanks:  (See below for a Video Tutorial and a ​Highlighted Sample)
  1.     County that the Signers live in (this will be printed in 4 places).​
  2.     Leave “Page No.” blank!
  3.     County that the Signers live in.
  4.     County that the Signers live in.
  5.     Leave blank until the Petition is notarized. (County the petition gets notarized in)
  6.     Leave blank until the Petition is notarized. (Print your name here!!)
  7.     County that the Signers live in.
  8.     Leave blank until the Petition is notarized. (Check that you do not expect to be paid.)
  9.     Leave blank until the Petition is notarized. (You sign the petition here.)​

​​(Leave the column Cong. Dist. Blank)

Each completed petition  must be notorized!!
(most banks will notarize for free if you have an account with them)

​Please watch the video tutorial below.

Click Here to read the waiver and download the petition